Holistic Alternatives - Supporting the Body's Innate Wisdom to Heal and Maintain Itself
Joan T.S. Champi, Holistic RN

Offering the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage, a natural, non-invasive intervention that relieves muscular constriction, reduces scar tissue and adhesions, and enhances circulation, nerve conduction and proper function of the digestive and reproductive system. Joan uses other alternative modalities-Reiki, Comprehensive Energy Alignment, Australian Bush Flower Essences,DMP- The Woolger Method of Regression Therapy- along with over 20 years health counseling experience - to achieve optimal health and healing NATURALLY.
Joan has been in private practice (formerly Wholistic Healing for Women) in Grahamsville, NY for over 13 years and most recently in Stone Ridge, NY at Stone Ridge Healing Arts. She was a weekly lecturer for the past 10 year at the New Age Health Spa, Neversink, NY and a yearly presenter at the Frost Valley Women's Wellness Weekend in Claryville, NY. Joan is a certified Arvigo Self Care Instructor and offers seminars and Women's Workshops.  

For more information contact Joan at
(845) 985-7141
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